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When you choose the White Sign Company for signs and installation, you don’t just get handed a sign that sort of fits your needs and then are left to handle the rest. We’re different. We are professionals that work closely with you to help design the optimal sign for you and provide expert installation. From choosing the type, color, shape, style and decoration, and any electrical features you may want to state-of-the-art technology that will help you craft the perfect sign for your business.

Our skilled team ensures your sign is installed safely, correctly, and flawlessly. If you have electric components, we’ll handle the installation of the wiring and power supplies to make it secure and protected from the elements. When we set up electronics, such as message boards or neon signs, we double-check everything. Before we leave the premises, we ensure your product is functioning properly and is up to our standards of safety. In addition, we don’t consider the job finished until we show you how to correctly use and update your message boards or lights.



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