Graphic Design

At White Sign Company we offer graphic design services to fit all of your needs. Our experienced design team will listen to the concepts you have in mind and will begin developing options that fit exactly what you are looking for. We know that coming up with just the right graphics can help boost sales and make your business more recognizable to your target customers.

From the very beginning our graphic designers will help you select from an array of options that will bring your vision together. The right images and colors will give your display a vibrant and attractive look. Another option to consider is font. Sometimes a change in font can have a dramatic impact not only from a readability standpoint but a message that you want your business to convey can perhaps be better brought to life. 

Once the signage concepts have been completed and approved by you, our design team then develops specification drawings. These specifications can include dimensions, materials, typefaces, color selections and image sizing to ensure consistency of approved signage. After approval, production drawings are completed and sent to the manufacturing team for production.  Contact us today and we will set up a meeting to further discuss your needs and any other questions you have regarding our design process.  

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