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Canopies and Awnings in Debary, FL

Does your business get overlooked when people pass by or drive down the street? Has your storefront suffered the beating of the elements? Knock out two problems with one solution—canopies and awnings from the White Sign Company in Debary, FL.

Using a canopy or awning on your business will help protect it from the battering of the rain and wind and will also catch the eye of potential customers. If it’s raining or the sun is beating down on a hot day, your customers will seek shelter under your awning and be naturally drawn to your business. An awning or canopy also attracts business on a pleasant day because everyone that’s out and about will want to relax in the shade. No matter the weather, a canopy or awning is a smart choice that will show your customers that you care. They’ll want to frequent your business again and again!


An awning is typically mounted to your building and extends over doors or windows to provide shelter from the sun and rain. Awnings come in many varieties and styles and the White Sign Company can help you decide which one will be the best for you.

Fabric Awnings

A fabric awning is a beautiful addition to your storefront that will attract customers to your door. Available in a wide selection of different materials, colors, and designs, you’re sure to find one that will fit the personality of your business perfectly. Awnings withstand the elements well, and since they’re attached to your building, they’re secure and last for a long while.

Metal Awnings

For durability and protection, nothing compares to a metal awning. You can find them in different shapes and styles and they flow naturally from your building in whatever color you choose. They’re charming and professional and your customers will love them.

Decorated Awnings

Decorated awnings are a perfect way to give your business individuality and personality while drawing in customers and protecting your storefront. A decorated awning is adorned with sophisticated patterns, a selection of styles and designs, and oftentimes personalized lettering; such as your business’s name or slogan. They’re an excellent way to build brand recognition and enhance the aesthetic of your business.


A stand-alone addition that doesn’t attach to your building, a canopy is a versatile way to enhance your business. Whether you use it on the outside of your business to protect those coming in the door, in the back to provide shade for seating areas, or in your business to showcase a display, a canopy attracts customers and makes them interested in what your business has to offer.

Fabric Canopies

A fabric canopy is traditional and beautiful and adds a homey depth to any business. Since they’re versatile and customizable, you can put it wherever you need it. Available in a variety of colors, you can find the perfect complement to your company.



Metal Canopies

Offering durability and security that fabric can’t beat, a metal canopy is a great addition to your business’s outdoor space. Whether out front or in the back, a metal canopy will provide protection to your valuable customers. Choose from a variety of aesthetically pleasing options in a great range of designs and colors.

If your business is set in a high-traffic part of town, you’ll want a canopy or awning! These versatile features attract the attention of customers and protect them and your business from the elements. Since you can find them in a range of materials, patterns, colors, and shapes, there’s bound to be an awning or canopy that we have in stock that would be perfect for your business.

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