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Do you need a sign that will grab people’s attention? Are you dealing with a shared or large parking lot and need an efficient way to direct traffic? Do you need to upgrade your current sign to something durable and cost-efficient?

Post and panel signs from the White Sign Company in Debary, FL, are a great way to attract customers, direct traffic and parking, and advertise your business to everyone that goes by. Durable, affordable, and professional, our signs are professionally crafted and installed so you get high-quality advertising that lasts.

Different Types and Materials

A post and panel sign usually consists of two posts with a durable panel in between them. Available in a variety of materials and designs, choose one that best fits your budget and purposes. They’re great for directing customers to your store if you’re located in a mall or they’re perfect for catching attention on a busy street.


For a truly cost-effective option, a post and panel sign made of wood ensures a durable, attractive sign for your business. Made with 4-by-4 wood posts and marine grade plywood, it’s resistant to the elements and will be a sturdy addition to your storefront that will draw attention and attract customers.

Materials Continued


For a sleeker, more modern look, you can choose to use aluminum casing or framework on your sign to give it extra durability and a corporate feel. We can custom craft your sign’s metalwork and panel to give you a unique product that will last. This option is more expensive than wood but is an attractive, durable option to make your business stand out.


PVC posts or paneling are an affordable, strong, and seamless option for your sign. It can be less costly than high-grade wood signs but still offers the same level of durability. And, if you prefer, you can use PVC as the posts and sturdy plywood as the panel.Whatever materials you choose and whatever your budget, there are endless customization options that come with post and panel structures. You can choose the shape of the sign and add custom decorations or designs to it to give it flair. Post and panels can be one-sided or double-sided. You can even add LED lighting or small spotlights make your sign visible at night, a feature that’s especially useful for hospitals.


These fixtures can vary in size according to your needs but they generally come in 48-by-48 inch or 48-by-96 inch, making them ideal for businesses and parking lots. We work with you to customize the size of your sign to fit your business’s needs, guaranteeing a product that’s above industry standards and will provide lasting value to your business.

For all of your sign needs, contact the White Sign Company in Debary. We strive to exceed customer expectations and provide you with high-quality, sustainable products that will serve their purpose for years. If you need to attract more clients or want to make a statement for your business, a post and panel sign can help.

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