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Is your building up to code with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)? Are you concerned that those affected by a disability aren’t being properly catered to in your business? Have you checked your signs to make sure they’re ADA compliant?

The White Sign Company in Debary, FL, knows how important it is to stay up to date with the guidelines and requirements set forth by the ADA. Let us take the worry out of your mind and make sure your business is fit for all patrons by shopping for ADA compliant signs with us. We’ll handle the ADA compliance standards and provide you with signs for your building that are up to code and professional.

ADA Guidelines and Requirements

ADA compliance signs, guidelines, and requirements are regularly updated and need to be correctly maintained in your business. There are specific stipulations for the Braille used, the positioning of the signs, the appearance of the signs, and where they can be mounted. By law, every room in your building that has a permanent purpose, such as bathrooms, stairwells, emergency exits, and kitchens, must be clearly labeled by a sign that states the room’s function. In addition, you’re encouraged to label every room out of consideration for those that fall under the ADA.

High-contrast signs are recommended for optimum visibility, and the Braille used in ADA-compliant signs is rounded, not flat, and must be Grade 2. Grade 2 Braille is contracted, which means it’s a shorthand form of Braille that’s easily and quickly discernible. There are also requirements about the cell dimensions, dot height, capitalization, and cell spacing that must be followed.

Beyond this, the positioning of the signs is very important as well. Signs should be mounted on the wall to the side of the door where the handle is or on the closest adjacent wall. The tactile copy should be mounted between 48 inches for the lowest point and 60 inches for the highest point so that signs of varying sizes still have the copy in the optimal viewing space.

Signs and Services we Offer

At the White Sign Company, we know how difficult it can be to find and correctly install signs that agree with ADA compliance. We take care of it for you by designing, installing, and even repairing signs that are ADA compliant for your business. Now you rest easy knowing that your business is accessible for everyone.

We offer a varied selection of ADA-compliant signs. ADA signage can include signs for restrooms, elevators, no smoking areas, handicapped accessible and handicapped parking, and other rooms. These are just a few examples of the signs you’ll need for your business but we can create all the signs you’ll need for ADA compliance. At the White Sign Company, we embrace the opportunity to help make your business accessible to everyone. Rest assured that we’re experts who will ensure that our signs and installation meet ADA requirements.

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